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Test Box simulates Sensor Signals of Force

Sensorsimulation test box

Transducers for Control Tests

To ensure the proper function of control units in safety applications, the behaviour of the control system in different situations has to be verified.

In many applications not all situations can be tested with the real equipment. As an alternative tecsis GmbH offers a test box, which allows an easy simulation of the signals from various force transducers. The test box can simulate the signals of up to eight transducers with voltage (0 V ... 10 V) or current (4 mA ... 20 mA) output. Transducers with an additional SIL overload signal can be simulated as well. The simulated signals can be adjusted individually. A typical application of the test box is the verification of control algorithms for stages, where dangerous situations due to overload situations have to be avoided. The control unit has to work properly even if one sensor fails. The test box makes these tests possible, without the need to create overload situation on the real equipment.

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