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Strain Transducer for Harsh Environments

Strain Transducer

Machinery, which is used in mining, construction or in quarries, has to withstand rough environmental conditions. High forces for example in stone crushers could eventually even result in a damage of the machine leading to a potential failure.

Therefore in many cases it is necessary to measure the deformation of critical machine parts. For these kind of applications tecsis developed the F9302 strain transducer, which is based on the well-established thin-film technology. The transducer is simply screwed onto the critical machine part. Compared to classical strain gauges the strain transducer is very robust and can resist high levels of vibration and shock. The F9302 fulfils industrial protection class IP67 (IP69K as an option). The integrated amplifier converts the measured signal into a standard voltage or current output. The calibration of the transducer is done via control signals. The strain transducer meets electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements of EN 61326.

The F9302 is available with measurement ranges of ±200 µm/m, ±500 µm/m, and ±1.000 µm/m. Reproducibility is 0.5 % of full scale. Due to the wide working temperature range from -30 °C to +80 °C outside applications or applications in difficult climatic environments are possible as well. Even wider temperature ranges are available on request.

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