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Safety in Automated Warehouses

Force transducer and overload protection solution

Automated warehouses are quite common in modern logistics. The capacity of these warehouses is getting bigger and the stacker cranes have to move faster. As a result the automation solutions are more complex and generate a higher demand for safety, where several standards have to be taken into account.

For example according to the standard EN 528 an overload protection for automated stacker cranes is mandatory, if the maximum load exceeds 1.000 kg or when the cranes can carry personnel. tecsis GmbH offers different force transducers for this kind of application, which together with the limit switch EGS80 can avoid overload situations. The load pins F5301 and the tension/compression force transducers F2301 can be integrated directly into the drive or the return pulley. With protection class IP67 the transducers can be used even under rough environmental conditions. Rope transducers measure the forces directly at the rope and can also detect loose rope situations. In case of a dangerous situation, the two relay outputs of the limit switch guarantee that the process is shut down safely. The components allow applications up to performance level d according to EN ISO 13849-1.

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