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Robust Differential Pressure Switches

Differential Pressure Switch

The new mechanical differential pressure switch S4540 from tecsis GmbH can switch a load depending on a pressure difference. The switch has a high overload safety.

The overload pressure is 16 bar while the burst pressure is 25 bar. The switching point can be easily set with an adjusting knob between 10 % and 100 % of the full range, which vary from 0.6 bar up to 6 bar. The switch is available as NO or NC version. The typical hysteresis is 2 %.

Typical applications can be found in heating, air-conditioning, and ventilation systems, in filter and flow control, and other building automation applications. In addition tecsis offers the new electronic differential pressure switch S1510, which is as robust as the S4540. Two relays or MOSFET outputs can switch the connected loads depending on the pressure difference. The measured pressure difference can be displayed on an integrated 3½ digit LED.

In addition the S1510 provides an analogue output signal (0…10V or 0/4…20 mA), which can be damped, spread, inverted or linearly transformed. The electronic differential pressure switch has a high accuracy of typical 0.8 % of the adjustment range. The switching point and the output signal can be easily programmed with three keys at the front. The S1510 is utilized in applications, where in addition to the switching function, the pressure values have to be monitored.

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