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Ring force load cells with a large internal diameter

Ring force load cells offer the optimal geometry for measuring axial forces on shafts and spindles. tecsis has now extended its “Compact design” series of hydraulic ring force load cell through the addition of model F6198. The new load cell is available in various measuring ranges from 0 … 550 N up to 0 … 210 kN. With its inner diameter of 52 mm, measurements are now also possible on shafts and spindles with correspondingly large diameters.

In the hydraulic measurement of force, the force acting on the piston is registered by a pressure increase on an attached measuring device. One of the advantages of this hydraulic principle of measurement is that the load cell does not need to be supplied with power. The same also applies for the entire measuring system if an analogue gauge of type P1515 is used as the display device. Alternatively, the load cell can also be equipped with a digital gauge or a pressure switch.

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