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Protecting storage and retrieval units from overloading

Storage and retrieval units provide quick goods turnover in high-bay warehouses. In order to guarantee safety, the FEM standards ( and the relevant DIN-EN standards must be taken into consideration. Among other things, overload situations such as those which can occur when the hoisting carriage is blocked, for example, must be avoided. tecsis provides a cost-effective facility for detecting overload situations and switching off devices quickly and reliably with the EGS 80 digital limit switch. Force transducers can be optionally connected at the limit switch using 2 or 3 conductor technology via a current input (0/4...20 mA). The input has cable break and cable short circuit monitoring. The storage and retrieval unit can be reliably switched off with the two relay outputs and the analogue current output. Integration in a higher-order control architecture is also possible without problems. The EGS80 is parametrised either using the control panel with integrated LCD display or using PC software that is provided by tecsis free of charge. If several identical storage and retrieval units are being used in a warehouse, a one-off setting can be conveniently transferred to all EGS80 devices with the software. tecsis also supplies force transducers for detecting the load at the hoisting carriage to go with the EGS80. 

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