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Pressure Sensor for Industrial Applications

Robustness and long-term stability during operation are the strengths of this new compact pressure sensor P3297 for general industrial applications.

The materials and technologies used for these sensors make them resistant against chemical aggressive media and mechanical strain. There is no additional sealing material needed, because the measuring cell and pressure port are welded together. Due to the design the pressure sensor is very robust and shows an excellent long term stability. The compact design saves place and weight in many applications. The sensor is available with different electrical signal outputs and all standard pressure connections. The measurement ranges range from 0...1 bar up to 0...600 bar. The compact sensor is used in many applications including hydraulics and pneumatics, pumps and compressors, building automation, test stands and mechanical engineering. The pressure sensor P3297 have all relevant international approvals and is compliant with the EMC standard EN 61326. Therefore they can be used for applications worldwide.

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