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The measuring and sensor technology specialist tecsis GmbH, Offenbach Germany, introduces a new series of load cells. The compact and small design extends the possibility of force measurement to applications with limited space.

The new miniaturised load cells are available with nominal load ranges from 0.25 N up to 50 kN. They are made of stainless steel and fulfil industrial protection class IP65. As they can also operate in a wide temperature range of up to 200° C they are very well suited for applications under harsh environmental conditions. Conventional strain gauges are used as sensing element. This robust and proven technology results in a very good reliability and a high accuracy of the measurement. The total error of the load cells is always less than 1 % of the nominal load. The design minimises the effect of transverse forces and simplifies the mounting within the application. The miniaturised load cells are equipped with a connecting cable – a great variety of amplifiers are available. Typical applications for the new miniaturised load cells can be found in test and measurement within production lines. For example forces during pressing, stamping or cutting processes can be monitored. Another interesting area, where the load cells can be used, are applications in medical devices.

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