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Hydraulic Force Transducers

Hydraulic Force Transducer

Leakproofness Guaranteed for Five Years

Hydraulic force measurement is an easy possibility to measure and display forces in a variety of applications. 

The force measurement utilises the hydraulic principle: The force applied to a piston generates a hydraulic pressure, which is displayed with a manometer. tecsis offers a variety of hydraulic force transducers with nominal forces range from 100 N up to 3000 kN, which enable easy force measurement even under rough environmental conditions. For their hydraulic force transducers tecsis now prolonged its leakproofness guarantee to five years. In the unlikely event of a leakage the transducers will be repaired free of charge. The company demonstrates how much it trusts in the quality of its own products. Applications for the hydraulic force transducers can be found in apparatus engineering, mining, test and measurement equipment and special mechanical engineering.

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