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Hydraulic Force Measurement

Hydraulic force measurement is an easy possibility to measure and display forces in a variety of applications.

tecsis GmbH offers a large number of hydraulic force transducers, which can be used together with the digital manometer DC400 as an ideal combination for easy and robust force measurement even under rough environmental conditions. As the force transducers are purely based on hydraulics and the DC400 is battery operated, there is no need for an electrical connection. The force measurement utilises the hydraulic principle: The force applied to a piston generates a hydraulic pressure, which is displayed with the digital manometer. The connection between transducer and manometer can be done either by a fixed pipe or a flexible hose. The position of the plug can be selected according to the requirements of the application. The digital manometer offers many functions. A 4½-digit display indicates the measured force. Additional functions include tare, minimum and maximum value memory. Besides the digital display the DC400 has a bar graph with an index pointer, indicating the trend of the actual measured force. The background illumination guarantees good readability even under difficult lighting conditions. The rotatable process connection allows to adjust the display according to the needs of the application. tecsis offers a large variety of hydraulic force transducers with nominal forces ranging from 200 N up to 2.800 kN. Different designs enabling their use in a large number of applications. For example a special design with three pistons can be used to measure the force in a three jaw chuck. Other applications for the hydraulic force transducers can be found in apparatus engineering, geotechnology and underground engineering, test and measurement equipment and special mechanical engineering.

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