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Dual Range Strain Transducer with Integrated Amplifier


The new strain transducer model F9302 from tecsis GmbH measures deformations due to external forces on existing components. The strain transducer is equipped with a 7 mm thin-film sensor and an integrated amplifier.

The compact transducer, which fulfills IP67, is attached to the component with two M6 screws, where it measures the elongation or deformation of the component. The amplifier can be easily calibrated via control signals. A selection of the measurement range is available as an option and can be triggered via a further control line. The strain transducer measures elongations and compressions up to 1,000 µm/m. The overall accuracy is better than 2 % of full scale. Typical applications for the strain transducer are big machines and structural steelwork, where high loads have to be monitored. Examples for these types of applications can be found in presses, stamping or injection molding machines, and in special vehicles and construction machinery.

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