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Even before the new Machinery Directive came into force, safety was always a constant challenge for manufacturers and operators of cranes and hoisting technology. In order to guarantee safety for applications such as these, tecsis is now offering an innovative safety electronics solution in the form of its new ELMS system.

The multi-function safety electronics system can be used to protect people and systems from harm when handling heavy loads. Thanks to its modular format the system can easily be extended by additional function modules, which communicate with one another via a standard top hat rail bus with a redundant layout. The safety electronics system is fitted with a wide range of secure analog and digital inputs and outputs, relay outputs, and semiconductor outputs as standard. Sensors that measure the forces arising at various points on a crane can be added to the system. The safety electronics system evaluates data from these force transducers and effectively prevents overload by interrupting the crane controls in a timely manner.

The ELMS safety electronics system makes it possible to set up a safety system that meets the requirements set out in DIN standard EN ISO 13849-1 Cat. 3/ PL d. An integrated USB port is provided for system configuration. This new safety electronics system can be combined perfectly with tecsis redundant force transducers, for example. Typical areas of application for the new safety system include harbor logistics, shipboard and offshore cranes and many other areas of hoisting technology.

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