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Load cell directly integrated into the Twistlock Sensor. tecsis GmbH’s new Twistlock F9205 sensor is a perfect system for direct measurement at the spreader of the loads involved in handling containers.

This permits the creation of solutions that can ensure the safe unloading of containers, for example. In addition to the total weight, a system based on the Twistlock sensor can also detect any asymmetry in weight distribution.
One feature of particular interest is that the sensor can be retrofitted into an existing Twistlock with a simple drill hole and a standard thread. There is no need for a complicated fitting procedure of the kind usually required for adhesive sensors, for example. This means it is very easy to get up and running, even when retro-fitted. The F9205 consists of a sensor element based on tecsis’ innovative Thin-Film technology and an integrated amplifier. The Thin-Film implant guarantees excellent long-term stability and minimal temperature drift. There is a choice of output signals available, from 4 to 20 mA, or a CAN bus interface. The Twistlock sensor can thus be perfectly integrated into existing measuring systems or any control architecture. It connects with an M12 plug and thus conforms to the stringent IP67 code, so there is no problem with using it in a challenging environment – such as in port logistics, for example. The F9205 is additionally highly impact and vibration resistant. The Twistlock Sensor has been tested by the Natural and Medical Sciences Institute (NMi) and has now been certified in accordance with OIML R60 Class D175. 

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