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The friction clutch on chain hoists should be tested at regular intervals to ensure safety. The user can now dispense with the awkward handling of weights though by utilising the FRKPS chain hoist test set from tecsis. As of now, this is also suitable for chain hoists whose links are of profile steel.

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Container weighting directly at the Twistlock in accordance with SOLAS

The SOLAS directive came into force in July 2016, and stipulates that the total weight of containers must generally be verified before they are loaded onto a ship. In order to ensure that the weighing takes as little time as possible, the containers could be weighed when they are picked up with a spreader of a reach stacker or straddle carrier. Tecsis can provide the necessary weighing technology with its type F9205 Twistlock sensors. The measuring technology specialist can provide these pre-assembled, calibrated and installed in a Twistlock. The overall system consisting of the Twistlock pin, sensor element and signal amplifier can be fitted to any of the current spreader models. Retrofitting with this solution is also very easy.

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Reliable inclination measurement – Sensors from tecsis with Performance Level d

Inclination sensors are used in any situation where the angle of machinery or machinery components relative to the horizontal has to be accurately determined. For applications in which stringent safety requirements apply at the same time, tecsis can provide a sensor with which Performance Level d can be fulfilled in the form of the N1201 inclination sensor. Typical usage areas for these inclination sensors are cranes, work platforms, wind power systems or mobile machinery. The sensors operate using a dielectric liquid, the surface of which always aligns itself horizontally by means of gravity, similarly to a spirit level. The liquid is located between two circular electrodes, one of which is divided into two semicircles.

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High precision in any position – inclination sensors from tecsis

tecsis GmbH now has a wide range of inclination sensors. The sensors operate using a dielectric liquid, the surface of which always aligns itself horizontally by means of gravity, similarly to a spirit level. 

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Weighing containers during loading

tecsis provides a cost-effective facility for detecting overload situations and switching off devices quickly and reliably with the EGS 80 digital limit switch. 

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Weighing containers during loading

Speed is one of the main requirements in container loading. The weighing of the loaded containers that has been prescribed since last year by the SOLAS directive can be a time-consuming process. Two methods come into question for this: Weighing the entire container just before loading or weighing the individual shipments, which are then added to the empty weight of the container. Because of the faster throughput time during the weighing process, the first method is increasing in popularity. The optimum solution for determining the weight of the loaded container is the patented F9205 Twistlock sensor from tecsis. 

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Ring force load cells with a large internal diameter

Ring force load cells offer the optimal geometry for measuring axial forces on shafts and spindles. tecsis has now extended its “Compact design” series of hydraulic ring force load cell through the addition of model F6198. The new load cell is available in various measuring ranges from 0 … 550 N up to 0 … 210 kN. With its inner diameter of 52 mm, measurements are now also possible on shafts and spindles with correspondingly large diameters.

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The safety of the personnel plays an important part in any situation where heavy loads are being moved or lifted. Germany's first certified system solution for overload protection in crane systems is now being introduced by tecsis GmbH at the Bauma exhibition.  

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Support system with integrated force measurement – greater safety for fire-fighting cranes

Firefighting Crane

The crane manufacturer Liebherr provides its LTM 1070-4.2 mobile crane with a specialised fire-fighting expansion kit with the VarioBase® variable support base. This measures the support forces in the four hydraulic supports and can use these to determine the crane's centre of gravity at any given time.

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Safety in Automated Warehouses

Force transducer and overload protection solution

Automated warehouses are quite common in modern logistics. The capacity of these warehouses is getting bigger and the stacker cranes have to move faster. As a result the automation solutions are more complex and generate a higher demand for safety, where several standards have to be taken into account.

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Crane safety

safety electronics system

Even before the new Machinery Directive came into force, safety was always a constant challenge for manufacturers and operators of cranes and hoisting technology. In order to guarantee safety for applications such as these, tecsis is now offering an innovative safety electronics solution in the form of its new ELMS system.

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Strain Transducer for Harsh Environments

Strain Transducer

 High forces for example in stone crushers could eventually even result in a damage of the machine leading to a potential failure. Therefore in many cases it is necessary to measure the deformation of critical machine parts. For these kind of applications tecsis developed the F9302 strain transducer.

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Pressure Sensor for Ambitious Applications

Pressure Sensor

Sensor technology specialist tecsis introduces the new P3278 Superior Pressure Sensor, which is suited for industrial applications in harsh environments and for ambitious applications in research and development. Due to its robust design the sensor withstands even rough environmental conditions.

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Container handling safety

Twistlock Sensor

tecsis GmbH’s new Twistlock F9205 sensor is a perfect system for direct measurement at the spreader of the loads involved in handling containers. This permits the creation of solutions that can ensure the safe unloading of containers, for example. In addition to the total weight, a system based on the Twistlock sensor can also detect any asymmetry in weight distribution. 

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Robust Temperature Sensor for OEM Applications

Temperature Sensor

The new temperature sensor PT-Compact OEM from tecsis expands the RTD sensor family PT-Compact with reasonably priced type, which has been developed especially for OEM applications.The new sensor is very robust and fulfils protection class IP67. All wetted parts and the housing are made of stainless steel. The PT Compact OEM has an integrated 4…20mA transmitter.

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Hydraulic Force Transducers

Hydraulic Force Transducer

The force measurement utilises the hydraulic principle: The force applied to a piston generates a hydraulic pressure, which is displayed with a manometer. tecsis offers a variety of hydraulic force transducers with nominal forces range from 100 N up to 3000 kN, which enable easy force measurement even under rough environmental conditions. 

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Force Measurements on Welding Guns

Welding Force Testing Set

Spot welding is the most important method in automotive manufacturing, where parts of the car body have to be joined. The quality of the welding spot depends on the current, the welding time, and the force of the welding gun, which presses the two parts together. 

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Robust Differential Pressure Switches

Differential Pressure Switch

The new mechanical differential pressure switch S4540 from tecsis GmbH can switch a load depending on a pressure difference. The switch has a high overload safety.

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Packaging of Food and Pharmaceuticals

Pancake load cell

High hygienic standards are crucial in food and pharmaceutical packaging to ensure product quality on the supply chain from the producer to the consumer. In heat sealing machines pharmaceutical tablets are aseptically packaged into blister packs.

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Safety in Cranes needs Force Measurement

Tension force transducer

Heavy weights moved by cranes or other lifting equipment are always a threat for the safety of persons and equipment. To answer these threats transducer and control electronics are needed to measure the related forces with high reliability.

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Force Transducers up to 3,300 kN

Force Transducer

Equipment like steel cables or slings has to be tested to ensure that they meet the requirements of the standards. During the tests, huge forces are applied in special testing machinery. The new tension/compression force transducers F2226 from tecsis GmbH are ideally suited for these kinds of test bench applications.

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Hydraulic Force Measurement

Hydraulic force measurement is an easy possibility to measure and display forces in a variety of applications.

tecsis GmbH offers a large number of hydraulic force transducers, which can be used together with the digital manometer DC400 as an ideal combination for easy and robust force measurement. 

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Customisable Pressure Switches

Pressure Switches

The new pressure switches S4412 and S4415 from tecsis GmbH convert vacuum in the range of -0,85 bar to -0,15 bar into an electrical switching signal.

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Pressure Sensor for Industrial Applications

Robustness and long-term stability during operation are the strengths of this new compact pressure sensor P3297 for general industrial applications.

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Miniaturised Load Cells

Miniaturised Load Cell in comparison to a cent

The measuring and sensor technology specialist tecsis GmbH, Offenbach Germany, introduces a new series of load cells. The compact and small design extends the possibility of force measurement to applications with limited space.

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Mechanical Pressure Switch

Mechanical Pressure Switch

The new series S4150 and S4250 mechanical pressure switches in a membrane or piston version offer the highest precision and resilience.

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Pressure Sensors for Ultra High Accuracy Requirements

Pressure Sensors with ultra high accuracy

The tecsis pressure sensors with a class accuracy of 0.1% as a standard and 0.05% as an option are particularly suitable for use in test or calibration equipment.


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Pressure Gauges with Switch Contacts

Contact gauges

The new series S4634 and S4635 contact gauges with electrical limit contacts and pressure indication can be used anywhere that processes are controlled and a local indication is needed for monitoring vessel pressures.

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Temperature sensor for harsh environments

Temperature sensor

With the type TEC11 temperature sensor, tecsis, the specialist for measuring technology has extended its range of temperature sensors for use in demanding applications.

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Two Pressure sensors

With the new P3307 tecsis adds to its product range of pressure sensors able to withstand extreme conditions in air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. In this compact pressure sensor with a brass body, the medium-contacting parts are of brass, ceramic and resistant chloroprene.

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Schematic Load Pin

The new load pins, type F5308, from tecsis GmbH are typically integrated directly into existing machines, replacing for example an existing bolt in fork bearings.

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The new strain transducer model F9302 from tecsis GmbH measures deformations due to external forces on existing components. The strain transducer is equipped with a 7 mm thin-film sensor and an integrated amplifier.

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