Electrical Temperature Measuring

PT Compact

The resistance thermometers "PT Compact“ are used for temperature measurement at low medium pressure. The possible measuring ranges between -200°C (-328°F) and +600°C (+1112°F) cover a big spectrum of temperature measurement tasks.

TEU11TEU11-50°C to +200°C / -50°C to +600°Cproduct details
TES11 / TES12 / TES13 / TES14TES11 / TES12 / TES13 / TES14-50 ... 200 / 400 / 600 °C , -200 .... 600 °Cproduct details
TEP11TEP11-50 ... 200 / 400 / 600 °C , -200 .... 600 °Cproduct details
TEP21TEP21-20 ... 40 °C , 0 ... 60 / 120 ° C, others on requestproduct details

Plug Sensors

The temperature sensors of those series are designed for applications in harsh industrial environments. Because of the construction they can be used in areas with high vibrations. The modular design offers a wide range of combinations of sensors, sizes and electrical connections.

TEC11TEC11-50..200°Cproduct details

Cable Sensor

Cable sensors are used as resistance thermometer or as thermocouples. Mineral insulated cables are used for high temperatures over 600°C. Besides the array of standard products we offer costum solutions. There are no limitations to the creativity.

TEK00TEK00-200..1200 °Cproduct details

Resistance Thermometer

Resistance thermometer with connecting head are mainly used in applications with liquid or gaseous materials and low and middle pressures. 2-, 3-, and 4-wire are standard in PT100 sensors. It is also possible to embed a wide range of transmitters in the connecting head.

TE200TE200Type K max 800°C / PT sensors -200 ... 600 °Cproduct details


Thermometer with connection head are also available as thermocouples. Those are used for higher temperatures. The standard model TE200 series can be used for temperatures up to 800 °C. Thermometer which can be used to measure temperatures up to 1600 °C can be supplied too.

TE200TE200Type K max 800°C / PT sensors -200 ... 600°Cproduct details


Temperature-transmitter converts signals from temperature measuring elements into a 4-20mA current loop signal. This allows to transmit the temperature on an easy and secure way. The measuring elements use either the correlation of temperature and electrical resistance which is the base of resistance thermometers or the change in the voltage as in thermo couples.

TET88 / TET 87TET88 / TET 87for PT100 sensorsproduct details

Digital Displays

Informatoren are electrical devices to display sensor signals digitally. Input signals can be PT100/PT1000 resistance signals or voltagesignals from thermo couples.

E1999XE1999Xfor sensors with 4...20 mA - outputproduct details