In the divisions force, pressure, temperature, switching and system solutions we offer more than 10.000 components and systems in a quality range from standard to high - end.

Although of focusing on effective manufacturing and a low range of parts sometimes additional mounting parts are needed.

tecsis offers many accessories and add-ons for several areas of application. The responsible product manager will counsel you.

Hydraulic Force Transducers

Accessories for hydraulic force transducer

Distance DiscDistance Discfor model F11xx and F61xxproduct details
Connecting FlangeConnecting Flangefor Model F1108/F1125/F1142/F1157product details
Connecting flangeConnecting flangefrom 90 x 90 x 12 mm to 130 x 130 x 12 mmproduct details
Maximum Indicating PointerMaximum Indicating Pointerfor Model P1515product details
Protection capProtection capModel F11xx and F61xxproduct details
Stiff Cranked TubeStiff Cranked TubeSteel, galvanised, chrome-platedproduct details
Stiff 90° TubeStiff 90° TubeSteel, galvanised, chrome-platedproduct details
Capillary tubeCapillary tubeL = 1m; 2m; 3m; 4mproduct details
Adaptor, Stainless SteelAdaptor, Stainless SteelL = 50 mm / L = 100 mmproduct details
Capillary tube, stainless steelCapillary tube, stainless steelwith protection tube, stainless steel (1.4301)product details


The mounting of load cells in an application requires high diligence if the force measuring system has to be accurate and precise.The performance of a force transducer depends on ist repeatability of deformation on full load and zero load. To get the maximum of accuracy the force introduction and mounting kits were designed.If you need an accessory by tecsis please contact our productmanagers.

Swivel Head with Male ThreadSwivel Head with Male ThreadFor the models: F2210 / F2211 / F2270 / F2218product details
Swivel Head with Female ThreadSwivel Head with Female Threadfor the model F2301product details
Compression Piece for Model F1211 / F2210 / F6213Compression Piece for Model F1211 / F2210 / F6213for optimised load transmissionproduct details
Earth CableEarth Cablefor mounting kits and load cellsproduct details

Load/Shear Beams

Accessories for force measurement using load and shear beams

AZK01X720 Rubber Foot/Bowl HeadAZK01X720 Rubber Foot/Bowl Headfor Model F3270, F3271, F3272product details
AZK01X721 Foot/Bowl HeadAZK01X721 Foot/Bowl Headfor Model F3270, F3271, F3272product details
AZK01X722 Rubber Foot/Bowl HeadAZK01X722 Rubber Foot/Bowl HeadF3270, F3271 and F3272product details
AZK01X725 Base PlateAZK01X725 Base PlateCan be used with F3270, F3271 and F3272product details
AZK01X730 Self Aligning BearingAZK01X730 Self Aligning BearingCan be used with F3270, F3271 and F3272product details
AZK01X710 Self-Aligning BearingAZK01X710 Self-Aligning Bearingcan be used with free sliding modulesproduct details

Load Cell

Accessories for load cells

AZK01X711 Rocker pinAZK01X711 Rocker pinfor force transducer F1270 7.5 t up to 22.5 tproduct details
AZK01X011 Installation kitAZK01X011 Installation kitfor model F1215product details
AZK01X712 Self-Aligning BearingAZK01X712 Self-Aligning Bearingfor model F1270product details
AZK01X713 Weigh ModuleAZK01X713 Weigh Modulefor force transducers of the models F1270product details

Electronics and Cables

Accessories force measurement - electronics and wires

EZE49X000004 Connection BoxEZE49X000004 Connection Boxvariants for 3 to 4 load cellsproduct details
EZE49XEEX001 Connection Box for ATEX-ApplicationsEZE49XEEX001 Connection Box for ATEX-ApplicationsParallel connection of up to 4 load cellsproduct details
AZM45X001006 Table housing for informatorsAZM45X001006 Table housing for informatorsAll connections on the back side with plug or cable screwingproduct details
EZE20X100001 Interface ConverterEZE20X100001 Interface ConverterConversion from RS-232 to RS-422/485 up to 115 K baudproduct details
Charger for EPE01Charger for EPE01Power supply 220/240 VACproduct details
Sensor CableSensor Cablewith straight connector M12x1product details
Cable Socket Model EZE53Cable Socket Model EZE53Aktor - /Sensor connectionproduct details
Sensor Cable Model EZE53Sensor Cable Model EZE53with connector and plug M12x1product details